im lovin’ it

Loved Frontier(s)’ new album. My problem is that I always miss new releases, and all vinyl is sold out already. 😕

Sad to be back home

Traveling from Corfu to Λιμάνι Ηγουμενίτσας (IGO) Igoumenitsa Port and then to Meteora. This is just my legs and tshirt appreciation photo (at Port of Igoumenitsa)

I’ve been waiting for these records for 3 fucking months!! Canada post is slow as fuck. Anyway, here they are, my precious 😍 #give #flowerheads #derangedrecords #vinylnerd #vinylcollective


Skip’s favorite beverage was Dr. Pepper always had it in his fridge

He passed 12 years ago today.

I always drink one for him on this day every year

Miss you every day brother!

(from Jays IG Guitarist for Turning Point)

RIP Skip

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Her, 2013 (dir. Spike Jonze)

I loved this movie. And it scared me to death at the same time. Maybe that was the reason I put it in my top-fav.

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Maddy Curley by Simply Perfection Photography


Chyna Cho by Simply Perfection Photography

I’m slowly getting there,still missing record release cover 😕😑 thank you @youngbloodrecords for this precious record! Lion of Judah 7” not pictured.


Seen in Midtown

House (After A. Morell), Pressure Points, 2008
Polly Gaillard

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Goodnight Call, audio installation by Sophie Barbasch

I collected voicemails from strangers on craigslist using this ad. When you pick up the phone, their messages begin to play.

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